Debt consolidation loans -Who offers the best debt consolidation loans?

Who offers the best debt consolidation loans?

Unique is the name of De Debt: debt consolidation, designed to sort out the loans already in progress by combining the various installments into one. This financing falls under the category of personal loans and allows them to obtain, if necessary, also new liquidity.

What are the main requirements?

What are the main requirements?

Cleopar also recalls the minimum requirements normally envisaged for its personal loans that we summarize in:

  • have reached at least the age of majority and have not exceeded the age of 70;
  • having a certified income (pensioners or income from employment or self-employment makes no difference);
  • residence in Italy. For foreign workers in Italy, the residence must be ‘underway’ for at least 1 year and a valid residence permit must be obtained.

There is no requirement for a current account (or account card) with which to repay the installments, as the repayment can also be made through bulletins payable at:

  • post offices;
  • SisalPay points;
  • LisPaga;
  • authorized QuiPay points;
  • enabled supermarkets that are part of the large-scale retail trade.

Main features of the Single loan

Being a consolidation loan it is necessary to ‘prepare’ in advance by requesting the extinction counts of the loans in progress. This also allows you to know exactly the amount to request, considering the presence of possible extinction penalties. The maximum amount that can be requested (including any new liquidity) may never exceed € 30 thousand.

If the loan is granted, Cleopar will credit the sum by bank transfer, or by handing over the check to the applicant. Cleopar debt consolidation can also be associated with Creditor protection insurance but this is a purely optional possibility.

Going even further into this aspect, the optional insurance policies associated with Unica are:

  • Creditor protection (standard or plus version);
  • Creditor protection for private employees (standard or plus version);
  • Personal protection (plus or top);
  • Medical protection;
  • Daily protection;
  • Family protection;
  • Metlife.

What are the advantages?

In order to know the precise economic conditions, a personalized estimate must be made. The conditions and rates depend on both the duration and the amount requested and vary according to the fluctuations of the interbank rate market as well as the credit policies periodically adopted by Cleopar spa itself. However, Unica offers the same benefits provided for debt consolidation in general:

  • unification of various loan installments into one;
  • possibility of obtaining a single installment whose amount is less than the sum of the installments which is replaced by taking advantage of cheaper rates;
  • possibility of obtaining new liquidity even though there are loans already in progress.

Cleopar, from the official website to 11/14/2017, highlights two main advantages of this financing, namely that:

  • the rate applied remains fixed for the entire duration of the amortization plan;
  • concession times are fast (in some cases they can also be processed within the day).

What are the disadvantages?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a quote online. You need to talk to a Cleopar consultant by making an appointment. This second aspect partially mitigates the annoyance of having to move instead of being able to get a quote easily from your PC.

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