There are good reasons why more than 30 million Americans have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. But some of the most important reasons are often overlooked.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for starting and operating small businesses in our cities. These persons include the cleaner, car dealer, restaurateur, franchisee, personal trainer and local grocer. They are responsible for the technology we rely on every day: cell phones, Internet access, computer equipment and digital entertainment.

An entrepreneur is a visionary and a business builder. They are building profitable businesses that support the financial foundations of our country. Although their initial reasons for venturing into the start-up world may not go beyond the search for personal wealth, they ultimately play an important role in our society.

The personal reasons for following the path of entrepreneurship vary. Generally, the greatest motivations come from the perspective of wealth, security, being the boss, freedom and passion for a product or service. For good reason. Fifteen years ago, my main reasons for going solo were essentially the same. I suspect your reasons are similar.

It took me 15 years to realize, however, that entrepreneurship is more than just achieving obvious goals, it is much more. The fact is that those seeking entrepreneurial success face unexpected tests and trials that shape them for good.

Here are five reasons why starting your own business will be more important in your life than you think:

1. You will be tested. Hammered, actually. When I started my entrepreneurial career, my vision was focused on the financial benefits of growing a company. I had no way of knowing how many big personal tests I would have to face along the way. I was too inexperienced to predict how market factors, competitive pressures, cash flow constraints and employee management could create an environment of almost constant pressure. New curves and curves surprise the surface with an exhausting frequency. There is a proverb that says”….hammering hardens steel and wreaks havoc on the sealant.” It is an opportunity for you to become stronger and more refined under the heat and hammering of business challenges. Unfortunately, many wither, falter or fail in these circumstances. So be prepared to face and conquer the challenges of real life as an entrepreneur and be better for him.

2. You will fail. That’s a good thing. Think of failure as the price to pay for future success. Every great success has painful chapters of failures and missteps. It is a fact that in case of failure, questions are answered and solutions are found. Og Mandino said: “Failure is the way to success, because every discovery we make of what is false leads us to seriously search for what is true and indicates a mistake that we will carefully avoid later. And it is the experience of failure that engenders the ability to be flexible, humble and thoughtful, qualities required to create a company that can stand the test of time. Flexibility, humility and thoughtfulness also make a lot of progress in life.

3. You’re going to learn patience. It develops as a natural result of the hammering and failures that you are sure to experience. Patience is the real difference between inexperienced entrepreneurs and experienced and successful entrepreneurs. The patience gained through experience is what allows an operator to go beyond idealistic dreams and face a world of healthy and realistic expectations. Pray that it will develop in you as soon as possible.

4. You’re going to have a major impact on people. It is inevitable. People-maybe many people will give a part of their lives to your cause. It’s not a small thing. Your actions towards your customers, suppliers and especially your employees will have a positive or negative impact on their lives. You will learn that people management is really about leadership, and leadership is about inspiring people to achieve their full potential. In The 8th Habit, Stephen Covey explains that it is absolutely crucial that we”…find our voice and inspire others to find theirs. And once again, “Management is about people. His task is to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.” I hope that by building your business.

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